Wednesday, September 29, 2010

White Lake Oaks Wedding Photos for Beth & Alex

Love this couple and love all their locations; the Methodist church in Clarkston and the White Lake Oaks wedding reception. If you follow my blogs carefully (and I know there are indeed blog stalkers out there!), you'll find Beth's cousin's wedding photos which may have a slight ring of familiarity about them because these were in the same locations. I've got more photos posted at if you're looking to see more of Beth & Alex and White Lake Oaks Reception hall.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Photos!

I figured since I haven't updated my baby section on my website that I'd better get these babies up here on my blog! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

St. John's Inn Katie & John

So sad to see this family go! This is the third McBride "kid" I've shot this year and everyone was feeling sentimental about not seeing each other again! I loved how the men swirled around her (her dad and John in particular) and took over all the train tending duties! I decided to make a series out of it since it's unusual to have the guys be so dress attentive! Every time I shoot at St. Johns Inn, the rules for photography vary slightly, so it's always interesting to see who's watching the hens nest that day. It's always restrictive for wedding photographers, but sometimes more than usual and Katie and John's wedding was one of those days! The ceremony was in St. John's chapel and their reception was in the Atrium at St. Johns Inn. This family has a unique wedding ritual involving men rolling up their pants to "Hot Legs" and dancing like crazy people. There is also a mandatory dance with grandma to the YMCA. I love how ridiculously unpredictable the family is within their predictability! To see more wedding photos from this St. Johns Inn wedding, please check out my other site at

Friday, September 3, 2010

Destination Wedding - Chicago! Lindsay & Mike

So this is a wedding I'd been looking forward to all year! Lindsay contacted me as soon as she got engaged so I could shoot her wedding in Chicago. She'd been in a wedding I'd shot the year before and knew I was the one she wanted... even if it meant having me come as a Destination Wedding. I attended their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and was pleased to have the extra time to figure out how to light the beautiful, extremely hot and ridiculously dark Holy Family Parish church in Chicago. It absolutely poured all night, so none of us slept much during the night with thunderstorms galore and much of Chicago was closed since all their tunnels closed due to flooding! With stormy clouds all morning long, I was a little worried about all the plans for photos Lindsay had, but by the time she was ready to rock and roll, the clouds disappeared and we got to go out on their hotel's patio for some awesome skyline photos with the set from Transformers 3 down below (in case you were looking and wondered why Chicago was looking so torn up!). We then headed for the real ceremony, happy to get out of the 98 degree weather and headed right next door to St. Ignatius for the wedding reception. Mike and many of the groomsmen had gone to school there, so there was an added element of nostalgia to the day. Love this couple, love their silly dog, love the wedding party and was so happy to see Liz & Travis again!